Aitor Astiz
Ta Gringa

Spain’s Aitor Astiz makes his Moon Harbour debut with a new cut that showcases the breakout star’s signature sound.

Astiz started in the scene aged just 15 and his powerful basslines, hot drum grooves, hip-hop vocals and old-school raps all quickly cut through. He’s since released on the likes of Hellbent and Roush with top-tier DJ support from the likes of Luciano, Wade, Michael Bibi, The Martinez Brothers and Jamie Jones.

His scorching ‘Ta Gringa’ has a bassline that is so heavy it will rattle ribs. The percussion up top is sharp to cut through, with tribal energy pervading his richly designed sounds. A fiery vocal loop and playful female voice add extra spice to ensure this one makes a huge impact.

Aitor Astiz proves why he is such a hot talent with this essential new track.

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