The Deepshakerz, Kid Enigma
What I Do

Italian duo The Deepshakerz link up with Chicago-born Mexican-American Kid Enigma for steamy new house jam ‘What I Do.’

The Deepshakerz are Domy Berardino and Mirco Sonatore and are masters at blending all forms of house from vocal to Afro to deep to tech. Over the years, it has come on labels like Madtech, Sola, Saved and Cajual, and is always in the bags of the world’s top DJs. Here they work with Kid Enigma, who makes house music with real purpose. It comes with a unique sense of character picked up over many years of DJing around the world. He has released on labels like No Fuss, Farris Wheel and I/AM/ME, and is always on a mission to spread positivity through music.

The superb ‘What I Do’ is a steamy and fiery track that bristles with energy and edgy vocals. The chunky drum funk makes you move while a spoken word monologue amps up the tension and adds some swagger. When the track peaks at the mid-point, the kicks, bass and tribal hits all weave their way under your skin and make for an explosive sound that will work in both sweaty basements and at open-air festivals alike.

The Deepshakerz & Kid Enigma have cooked up some real dance floor magic here.

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