Whispers EP

TMPLE debut on Moon Harbour with the fantastic Whispers EP, which excels across two tracks of deeply atmospheric house.

Over the last few years, TMPLE has become a key part of the global house scene. They have served up scintillating sounds on influential labels like Circus and Knee Deep In Sound, exploring everything from dark and driving tech to melodic, moving house grooves. This EP shows another, masterfully musical side to their sound.

First up here is ‘Whispers’ with its wispy late night synths, gentle hang drum harmonies and delicate percussion. There is melancholy in the chords and vulnerability in the vocals that make this a truly artful house track. The lush ‘Rumba’ is a more playful groove that will get early evening crowds going. It once again makes great use of the hang drum, this time having it dance over deep drums and warm bass with found sound recordings of a bustling party also weaved in. It’s the sort of classy, well-executed track that transcends the dance floor.

With their Whispers EP, TMPLE make an indelible impression.

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