Sable Sheep
Upon Burning Skies (Miane Remix)

Next up for Moon Harbour is a big new remix of a Sable Sheep classic by core label artist Miane.

Sable Sheep’s ‘Upon Burning Skies’ first came out in 2013 and is one of many hits in the German’s discography. Now it gets a fresh lease of life at the hands of Miane, the Malaga-born but Ibiza-based artist who has really broken through in recent years. She has served up fine singles here before like ‘You Belong To Me’ earlier in the year, as well as making outings on Knee Deep in Sound and Saved.

She is in fine form here as she flips the original into a chunky, heavyweight, and tribal house cut. The rock-solid kicks and prickly percussion make for a serious groove that is overlaid with a chanting vocal that will get any dance floor hypnotised. There is a warmth to the track that makes it perfect for the outdoor summer dancing that is just around the corner.

Once again here, Miane perfectly encapsulates the Moon Harbour sound from her own unique perspective.

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