Sacred Sacrifice

Moon Harbour returns to the assured talents of Tennan for its next release. Three years after the UK-based artist’s last outing, ‘G-Funk,’ the studio obsessive serves up another firing new single with ‘Sacred Essence.’

Tennan was late to house and techno but has spent his whole life working in various different genres of music. This broad background instills his productions with a different perspective that always shines through on big releases for the likes of Snatch! and VIVa LIMITED. He knows exactly how to layer up the sounds to make the most indelible impact in the club. 

The wonderfully warm ‘Sacred Essence’ proves that with its chunky but fluid drums. They’re detailed with a sprinkling of percussion and tribal toms as well as plenty of neat synth details which make the groove ever more infectious. Once the melodic bassline arrives with a spiritual vocal cry, the emotions overflow and the floor is sure to erupt.

This is another winning tune from the ever on form Tennan.

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