My Head

Miane continues to be one of Moon Harbour’s biggest current hitters with huge new single ‘My Head’ comes hot on the heels of standout summer tune ‘W You.”

This summer, Malaga born but Ibiza based Taty Munoz Miane aka Miane featured on Spotify’s Electronic Rising Playlist as well as serving up her latest single on Moon Harbour. She is someone who continues to be inspired by the Balearic Isles where she lives, as well as those intense and sweaty moments from the heart of a dance floor. Her driving grooves come embellished with her own emotive vocals and have seen her land on Knee Deep In Sound and Lost Records, as well as picking up heavy plays from tastemakers like Eats Everything and Marco Carola. Her genre-straddling sounds are also influenced by the experiences she has picked up throwing her own parties, and this latest single is another steamy and alluring one.

Kicking off with chunky, wall-rattling kicks and metallic percussion, the rugged grooves of ‘My Head’ immediately make you move. Whispered vocals add a real tenderness that draws you in and brings a heart aching sense of soul and vulnerability, while warm bass and whooshes of synth keep things driving forward with irresistible style.

This is another fresh groove from one of the most exciting producers in the game right now.

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