Matthias Tanzmann, Black Circle

Matthias Tanzmann is back working with Black Circle following the success of their ‘Awakening’ track on the Moon Harbour boss’s latest album, Round And Round.

That track was one of the standouts from the record and has proven a real hit on dance floors around the world, all while going #1 Beatport’s Afro House Charts. It makes perfect sense for the pair to rekindle their studio partnership then. Black Circle is a multi-instrumentalist who appeared on Saved with dance floor smash ‘Journey,’ and in 2020 already served up a remix for CamelPhat’s huge album on Sony. Here, with Tanzmann, the pair again come together and find a real sweet spot.

‘Runner’ is a superb slow burner that builds to a bubbling house peak. The bleeping synths pan about the mix as gritty chords come in from above. Techno hi-hats bring a certain iciness while the slick, rolling drums get you in the zone. Add a siren-like lead at the breakdown and some rapturous vocal sounds and you have a classy weapon that will make a huge and stylish mark on any club.

This is a standout single that is to be as big as the last time this pair came together.

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