Matthias Tanzmann, Daniel Stefanik

It’s time for Moon Harbour boss man Matthias Tanzmann to make a welcome return to his own label. For this small but perfectly formed one-track package he links up with the esteemed Daniel Stefanik.

This is Stefanik’s first release on Moon Harbour for more than a year, but he has been associated with it since as far back as 2005. As such he has a great relationship with Matthias, who himself has already put out his huge The Treat EP on Dirtybird earlier this year. Together, they cook up a real Tech-House storm with this latest missive.

These two well-schooled studio wizards come together for the excellent ‘Induction’, which has the slickest drums you’ve ever heard. They are silky and razor sharp, getting right under your skin while whooshes of synths bring the drama. Vocal yelps and looping bass tug you in all directions at once, and alien sound designs add a freaky feeling that will keep the crowd locked in.

This is perfectly designed dancing material all set for big things this summer.

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