Flute Dance EP

You can always rely on Huxley to serve up the goods, and so he does once more on one of his regular home labels, Moon Harbour.

It was back in August that Huxley last appeared on this label with a huge collaboration with Ron Carroll. Since then the contemporary tastemaker has continued to return to his club roots with big, bass-driven tunes that come with plenty of inventive motifs and never fail to light up the floor.

The big opener here is ‘Piano Dance’ featuring Mr V and it brings freakiness to the fore with diving bass synths and metallic claps overlaid with an intense spoken word vocal. The pressure grows throughout a big build and when the tune kicks again, big piano chords drop and will get hands in the air. An instrumental is also included for more stripped back and direct effects.

The second sizzler is ‘Flauta’, which is another tension building cut that teases a lead flute line that will get the floor in raptures. The whole slick cut then eventually explodes with whirring synths and churning drums that are designed to sweep the floor of its feet in playful, anthemic fashion.

This new Flute Dance EP shows this vital UK artist is still evolving his sounds across a pair of brilliant new tracks.

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