Emery Warman
Everybody Freakin' EP

Emery Warman makes a triumphant return to Moon Harbour with his Everybody Freakin’ EP, featuring two more tracks of terrific tech house.

He last appeared on this label as part of the Orbiter V release and next to that has made his mark on Glasgow Underground, Elrow Music and Madtech Records. The London based Hungarian knows how to cook up freaky vibes and is a master drum programmer, as proven again here.

His first cut features legendary vocalist Roland Clark. ‘Prove Them Wrong’ is an emotive wedge of house with Clarke’s iconic voice delivering another anthemic monologue. Beneath it, twisted synths bring futuristic soul, late-night pads bring a sense of soul and warm drums will pump the floor. It’s a timeless piece that is set for big things in 2019.

The equally excellent ‘Everybody Freakin’ is deeper and more heady, with low slung bass rumbling beneath menacing vocal samples. It’s the sort of stripped back but alluring tune that is filled with tension and will tease a crowd and keep them begging for more.

These are two more perfectly charismatic productions that confirm Emery Warman to be one of the best out there right now.

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