Jumpin Jack Flash / Feel Good

The next release on Moon Harbour comes from label boss Matthias Tanzmann and label manager Dan Drastic. Back in 2005, they took on the monikers Bill E. Idle and XL Roze and together worked as Lorna for a couple of tracks that came on a label of the same name. More than a decade later, the music still resonates so gets an overdue re-release.

With references to the classic Russ Meyer movie the original press release went out as follows: “Without artistic surrender, without compromise, without question or apology, an incredibly thrilling record was made… LORNA. It’s the story of unrequited love and lust, of someone left alone, too often, and too long. Eventually, fulfilment is found in the dark and on the dance floor. This, then, is a record for those who measure success only in the hours before the morning’s first light.”

Brilliantly bristling opener ‘Jackin Jump Flash’ is a timeless bit of Chicago influenced house music. It has a rasping, rugged bassline and crisp drums while metallic hits and snares drive it along. Some classic vocal samples add fuel to the fire and the whole thing is designed to energise the floor and get fists pumping like it were 1988.

Second track ‘Feel Good’ is a more lithe and slippery house cut with exquisitely slinky synth stabs and icy percussion. It twists and turns and keeps you on your toes as a steamy female vocal adds a layer of heat and soul that elevates it once again. Perfectly crisp and dynamic, it’s one for intimate dance floors.

These are two ageless house tracks that brim with character and are guaranteed to get big reactions on the ‘floor.

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