G-Funk EP

Striding into 2018 with their usual sense of style, Moon Harbour welcome back Tennan for another vital EP.

His last release, Everyday, came on this label in 2017 and proved a huge success. It was the first fruit of years of labour in the studio, studying music technology in Leeds and dancing in the underground, and as such married real impact with genuine production smarts. Here showing he has plenty of fresh ideas, he impresses across all three offerings.

‘Last Nite’ is quick out of the blocks with rubbery drum loops and airy hi-hats Coming on strong in big infectious cycles, they are joined by wordless vocal coos and a repetitive spoken word riff that jostle you into action as the elastic bass stretches out below. It’s prime dancing material, as is ‘G-Funk,’ but in a more teasing manner. This one has busy percussive lines and dry hits, filtered vocals and a real sense of tension that builds and builds until the whole thing drops properly after a drawn-out crescendo that will send clubs wild.

Closing out this high impact EP is ‘Beatload,’ a bristling track with tightly knotted, rumbling bass, chattering Chicago claps and a dark sense of late night energy that cannot fail to sweep you up and away as the pressure builds.

Tennan is one of many jewels in the Moon Harbour crown and, on this great evidence, he is all set for a huge breakthrough year.

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