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Ekkohaus - White Winter Lust (cargo016)

“White Winter Lust” is the third release by Ekkohaus, a Greek artist living in Berlin, on Cargo Edition. Throughout the last two years Ekkohaus’s music has constantly developed towards a deep house sound which has always been an element in his tracks. You feel he was brought up on this music and it’s his life. Of course, word got around and now he’s booked as a live act and DJ around the world.    

“Ace Body” is a thoroughly positive house track that doesn’t need any cheap tricks to impress you and works perfectly where it belongs: on the dance floor. For the remix of “Ace Body” label mate Michael Melchner acts discreetly, as we have come to know him, and strips the track down to a plain beat to which he adds a variety of effects.

The first B-Side track is a driving house tool with a groove that still fascinates you after hours of listening. “Parafumadores“ is more jazzy and laid-back. The track is characterised by a relaxed chord element. It is very rare to hear such an uplifting component. 

With “White Winter Lust” Ekkohaus again proves to be a laid-back contemporary. As always this has a positive impact on his music as a whole.

booking contact for LIVE PA and as DJ:

supported by: Tiefschwarz, D’Julz, Anthony Collins, Shinedoe, Catz ‘N Dogz, Federico Molinari, Rozzo, Martin Eyerer, Julietta, Alexi Delano, Luca Bacchetti, Italoboys, Martinez, Delete, Lauhaus, Ante Perry, Marc Romboy, Ray Okpara, Gavin Herlihy


Tiefschwarz (Souvenir):
really great release.


D’julz (Bass Culture):
Ace Body and Parafumadores are dope.

Anthony Collins (Freak ‘N Chic):
Great ep!!

Raresh (Arpiar):
Another solid cargo edition release.


Catz ‘N Dogz (Mothership):
Ace Body and Parafumadores are my favs! Will play and chart them.


Federico Molinari (Oslo):
Cool EP!

Rozzo (Mountainpeople):
Top notch house.

Alexi Delano:
Great, will play.

Luca Bacchetti (Ovum):
Great release.


Italoboys (Mothership):
Very nice release, Michael Melchner’s remix is tha bomb.


Martinez (Moon Harbour):
Awesome music.

Delete (Sci Tec):
Parafumadores groovy one!!! I also like Ace Body!!!


Lauhaus (Remote Area):
Amazing ep. Full support!

Ante Perry (Ape Office):
This is house music! Lovin Ace Body & Parafumadores!!!

Marc Romboy (Systematic):
Ekkohaus as we love him, my full support!


Ray Okpara (Oslo):
Nice one, will play Parafumadores 4 shure.


Gavin Herlihy (Cadenza):
Ace Body is the one for me... great pulsing vocals and deep as hell chords.



A1. Ace Body
A2. Ace Body (Michael Melchner Remix)
B1. Dirty Mind
B2. Parafumadores





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