Re.You, Floyd Lavine
Khana EP

Keeping up a busy rate of release in their 18th year of operation, Moon Harbour welcome back regular artist Re.You and debutant Floyd Lavine for two collaborative tracks. Add in remixes from Daniel Stefanik and LAWLER, and you have another essential outing.

Re.You is Marius Maier, who has contributed solo EPs and tracks to the Orbiter compilation dating back to 2014. He is now also in charge of his own Younion label and continues to innovate with his edgy house and tech productions. Here he links with South African Floyd Lavine, a Rise Music associate who brings plenty of authentic tribal influences to his music, and often favours a chunky take on techno.

The brilliantly bristling ‘Humanity’ opens things with a flurry of hand drums and rattling snares. They are a call to action that gets your attention than the rubbery drums really hook you in. Spine-tingling percussion hangs in the air and gnarly bass fleshes out this loose, intoxicating track.

The remix of this one comes from VIVa label boss and longtime tech house titan Steve Lawler under his new shortened alias, LAWLER. He skillfully reworks the track into lots of bubbling loops, underpinned by bouncy drums a distant drone that draws you in. It’s a perfect high energy cut for the peak of the night.

The other original is ‘Seamless’, an intoxicating brew of moody bass, prickly drums and vocal riffs that cast a real spell. Synth drones and Afro chants join the mix to add to the intensity and the effect is to transport you deep into an involving dance.

Tackling this one is Daniel Stefanik, a label stalwart and master of intricate productions. He reimagines it as a house track that grows in stature, with wordless vocals and sweeping filters lifting you up off your feet. Growing ever more wild, the track twists and turns with classic claps and clever effects that will always ensure it stands out.

These are four hugely original tracks that offer something very different from the norm.

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