Julian Collazos
Londresway EP

Julian Collazos brings his expressive and electric grooves to Moon Harbour with standout new EP Londresway.

Belonging to the second wave of DJs and producers from Yumbo, Colombia, Collazos has been immersed in music from a young age, in particular salsa and bolero. His father is a skilled salsa percussionist so all this fees into his production, which is rich in percussive elements, vibrant, and picturesque, seamlessly blending with styles such as minimal and tech on Ultra Records, Mindshake Records, Stereo Productions and countless more.

The title track kicks off with chiselled kicks and sharpened hi-hats that ride on the warm bass and popping synth stabs. It’s a trippy sound that gets never more loopy and woozy and is sure to melt minds. ‘Mambo Latino’ is a signature Collazos cut for the way it brings South American percussion to bass-driven house. The gloopy low ends and warped vocals bring fluidity to the groove while sun-kissed synths speak of red-hot open-air dancing. Last but not least, ‘No Me Hables De Mujeres’ spins out the dance floor with its descending leads and Spanish raps, sweat-inducing beats and raw filters that keep on building the pressure to breaking point.

This is another fiery and irresistible offering from the Colombian mainstay, Julian Collazos.

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