Tesse Ni

Moon Harbour welcomes label debutant Sinvergüenza for a superb new single that announces his arrival in style.

Sinvergüenza aka Lanfranco Beretta is an Italian DJ with South American origins. He brings both aspects of his heritage to his music so has a fine fusion of European tech and Afro drums that always sets him apart. He has released on labels like Villahangar and Transa and is never far from the top of the Afro house charts.

His fantastic single ‘Tesse Ni’ is built on big fat drums that roll hypnotically. Organic percussion, toms, and congas pepper the groove while frazzled synth stabs back up the rhythm. An Afro vocal up top brings a tribal feel that ensures this most heavyweight of sounds really makes an indelible impact.

This is another super fresh sound from the fast-rising Sinvergüenza.

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