Matthias Tanzmann, Daniel Stefanik
Comida China

Moon Harbour founder Matthias Tanzmann continues on his recent collaborative tip, this time joining forces with Daniel Stefanik for the new single ‘Comida China.’

The last year or so has seen Matthias cook up studio magic with Francisco Allendes, Black Circle and Steve Bug, but it has been four years since he last worked with the esteemed Daniel Stefanik. Stefanik has been a friend of this label since his first release here in 2005. Both artists have been pillars of the underground for decades and have endless dance floor experiences to draw on when working together on fresh club cuts.

The excellent ‘Comida China’ is proof of that. It’s seven sizzling minutes of steamy and tribal tech built on a solid groove foundation. Fluttering toms never rest up top, sharp hi-hats cut up the mix and wonky synths weave their way in and out before a fiery Spanish vocal arrives to really ignite the whole track.

Full flavour and packed with heat, ‘Comida China’ is another dance floor anthem in the making from this cult pairing.

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