Lorenzo De Blanck
Bass Bass

Moon Harbour regular Lorenzo De Blanck is back on the label to drop another of his steamy and standout tracks.

Italy’s De Blanck is well-schooled in the classics but also keeps his eyes firmly on the future, both in terms of technology as well as his fresh house sounds. They have come on the likes of Hottrax, Saved and Deeperfect but most regularly this label. His style is full of character so he is no stranger to making underground hits and he sure has another one on his hands here.

The brilliant ‘Bass Bass’ does exactly what it says on the tin – it is a compelling house cut with a heavy but funky low end. Loopy vocals repeat the title to drive crowds wild while zippy synths weave their way in and out next to scattered percussion and quirky melodic details. It’s a lively tune, full of fun and with some almost church-like chords finishing it off in a rousing fashion.

This is another white-hot dance floor classic from Lorenzo De Blanck.

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