Rafa Barrios

Rafa Barrios brings his Spanish charm back to Moon Harbour on his new single ‘Olvido’.

It’s been two years since Barrios was last on this label and since then he has continued to serve up dance floor heat that has found its way into the record bags of the likes of Richie Hawtin and Carl Cox. He runs his own label Bandidos Music as well as landing on the likes of Kaluki Musik, Saved Records and Repopulate Mars, and always manages to bring fresh, captivating styles to his grooves.

The infectious ‘Olvido’ is full steam ahead tech house, with unrelenting chord stabs and driving drums. It’s layered up with rich percussion and shakers, while the Spanish vocals add the real fuel to the fire up top. It is the sort of cut to lock in the floor and make them sweat to the ever more intense atmospheres Barrios cooks up.

‘Olvido’ marks a fine return to form for this on-point Spaniard.

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