Davina Moss
Dia De Fiesta feat. Jotheo and Andrea Carolina

Davina Moss marks her arrival on Moon Harbour label with a dynamic new single that features Jotheo & Andrea Carolina.

Moss has worked on many styles under many aliases over the years, but she is most prolific under her real name. She has released hundreds of steamy, emotive house and tech tracks on the likes of Hot Creations, Saved and Solardo’s Solä, and it always comes with a hint of magic from her adopted Ibiza homeland. She is a DJ who can tear it up at clubs like Pacha and Hï Ibiza as well as lay down the underground sounds at cult spots like DC10, where she plays every summer for Jamie Jones’s vital Paradise party.

For this new single, Moss recorded her brother Jotheo playing the drums live in her studio and used them to form the superb and low-slung groove. The Colombian adds plenty of flair and comes from Andrea Carolina, who really lights up the powerful house track in style. Add in some tribal toms, sticky sub-bass, deft fills and Latin percussion and you have a red hot track that will inject heart and soul into any set.

This is another characterful cut from Davina Moss.

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