Piem, Mønölitio

Influential Spanish artist Piem links with Dutch singer, DJ and producer Mønölitio for essential new track ‘Bmine’ on Moon Habour.

Catalonian Piem is a regular Moon Harbour artist who last appeared with Jay De Lys on the vital ‘Intentions.’ Aside from also producing in Relief and Knee Deep In Sound, he is a driving force on his local scene as a resident at plenty of key venues. For this one, he works with Mønölitio, the Amsterdam artist with a European house sound that has taken him to the likes of Mobilee and My Favorite Robot Records.

What the pair cook up here is a razor-sharp tech-house track in ‘Bmine.’ It teases to start with – silvery metallic loops and vocal chops build tension before the long, leggy bass and robust kick drums arrive. They immediately drive the tune forwards and are sure to blow up the club.

This is the sort of big tune that marks the high point in any set.

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