Sven Tasnadi, Bombay Traffic

Following on from his ‘Daytona’ collaboration with label boss Matthias Tanzmann last year, Sven Tasnadi returns to Moon Harbour with more of his collaborative gold, this time in cahoots with the Bombay Traffic duo.

It is fair to say that Tasnadi has been a continual presence on Moon Harbour and in house music itself over more than 15 years. He has released various EPs and his 2018 Bridges LP here, and by now has his own much admired, always atmospheric and deep take on the genre. Meanwhile, Berlin pair Bombay Traffic has landed on Indiana Tones and Sirup Music amongst other labels, always placing highly on Beatport charts with their infectious sound.

In working together on ‘Evil’ they find the perfect middle ground. The drums are slick and fresh, the bass loops way down low and the percussion is scintillating as it glides over the grooves. Swirling pads bring a sense of air and light to this expansive tune, and it all gets beautifully playful when the piano chords and vocal loops join the party. Drop this one and watch the crowd cut loose.

This is another tasteful house tune that has genuine heart and soul, but also plenty of dance floor clout.

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