Lewis Boardman

It has been a long six years since Lewis Boardman last released on Moon Harbour, but the UK house talent rights that wrong with a fresh new single that has got us all dreaming of Summertime.

Lewis Boardman has been an assured name in the house game ever for a decade now. As a DJ he rose up through the ranks at Circus Recordings before releasing on their label and going on to big EPs for the likes of Play It Down, NRK and Cadenza. After a time away from releasing new music he is now back and better than ever.

‘Summertime’ is just what we all need in our lives, both figuratively and literally. Built on superbly heavyweight and crunchy drums, it has stark hits that jerk you into action. A rumbling bassline adds real weight and there is a nagging synth line ever-present to bring some menace and rawness. Before the tune fully erupts, the whole thing drops away for a superbly soulful, attitude riddled vocal a cappella that builds the vibe. Then those cantering drums drop one more and ensure maximum destruction as the synths cut loose.

This is a characterful, high impact track that will be perfect for soon as we get back to the clubs.

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