As the world continues to turn to music for good times and escapism, Moon Harbour come through by welcoming back Ninetoes for another of his on-point tracks.

Ninetoes has been a key part of the Moon Harbour family for many years now. From superb solo EPs to top tracks on their compilations, he always embodies a fresh Tech House sound that evolves with each new release. This time out he serves up another thrilling missive that is designed to make you move.

The carnival-style ‘Parole’ is a winky, characterful track that is brimming with sound and energy. There’s a wonky accordion lead, bristling drums and cut-up vocal samples. They trust out of the mix next to the popping synths and the whole thing overflows with vitality and groove. It’s not hard to see this one becoming a real anthem.

This is another big hit in the making for the ever-reliable Ninetoes.

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