Mihalis Safras
Street Lights EP

Greek-born house mainstay Mihalis Safras is back on Moon Harbour less than a year after his still excellent Afrodance EP last August.

Safras is a tireless producer who has put out close to 100 EPs over the last two decades. Importantly, he manages to subtly tweak and evolve his trademark style each and every time, and for that reason continues to dominate underground charts. House, tech, techno and prog all colour his grooves and as well as debuting here last year, he has also appeared on well-regarded labels like Relief and Sola.

First up is ‘Street Lights’ which is a bristling Tech-House track filled with energy that sweeps you off your feet. Driven along by rubbery and oversized bass, there are sci-fi motifs, rolling toms and spoken word vocals that bring a raw attitude. It’s a terrific track that keeps you on the edge of your seat as it builds to ever-higher heights.

The excellent ‘Countdown’ is more paired back but just as high impact. A woodpecker lead lights up the shuffling, garage-influenced grooves that bump and grind until crowds will be going wild. The whole track is incendiary and explosive and is a perfectly futuristic take on tech.

These are more quality tracks from the studio master that is Mihalis Safras.

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