Dennis Cruz
High EP

Non-stop groove making machine Dennis Cruz comes home to Moon Harbour for the first time since his massive ‘Insane’ earlier in 2019.

Spanish talent Cruz has again provided plenty of dance floor heat this year on labels like Solid Grooves. He is someone who always brings the pressure as a DJ, too, at places like fabric (London) and Privilege (Ibiza) as well as festivals like ADE and BPM. His Beatport chart-topping sounds always turn the heads of tastemakers at BBC Radio 1 and plenty of press outlets because they have a unique sense of character that just sends people wild.

This new two-tracker will be the same: ‘High’ kicks off and is typically stand out from the off with its spoken word vocal sample building the tension. When the drums and bass drop properly, it’s a floor-pumping groove with plenty of attitude and great synth work fleshing out the chunky beat loops.

The excellent ‘Weke’ is more stripped back with a low-slung bassline really getting under your skin. Infectious hits and vocal stabs all add fuel to the fire and keep you locked throughout. The arrival of soulful female coos really adds heat to this absorbing house masterclass.

This is more high-grade dancing material from the one and only Dennis Cruz.

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