Anek, Medusa
We Are

Anek make a welcome return to Moon Harbour with a fantastic new single with Medusa.

This new release comes two years after their last appearance on the label and shows the Danish pair of Denise and Karina Jensen have continued to enrich their sounds. They are big names in Ibiza and once again this summer return as residents at the Warriors party at new club Octan. With fans such as Mathias Tanzmann and Nick Curly, their own Ibiza Global Radio show and releases on Overdrive Musik and Chronovision amongst others, they continue to play a key role in the underground scene.

The standout original single ‘We Are’ is a rock-solid groove with dry hits and hard-hitting kicks. With a tribal mood and dark atmosphere, it is perfect for cosy basements and intimate crowds. Whirring synths and filtered female vocals are the icing on the cake that really makes this one pop off.

Then comes an excellent Alternative Mix which is more stripped back and eerie, with the ghostly vocals echoing above a rolling drum line, creepy keys and edgy synths. It’s one to build tension in a set and is a fantastically moody yin to the more physical yang of the original.

These are two more seriously on point tracks from this esteemed pair.

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