Dennis Cruz

Hit-making Spanish artist Dennis Cruz is back with another big summer classic following on from the huge success of his ‘El Sueño’ with Martina Camargo last year. That track spent five months in the Top 20 of the Beatport chart, half of that in the top spot, and remains in the Top 100 almost a year later.

Cruz, meanwhile, continues to play high profile gigs all over the world, with fans like Marco Carola and Timo Maas often playing his tracks on labels like Solid Grooves, Hot Creations and Snatch!. Always subtly tweaking his style but retaining an infectious sense of groove, this new one is another expertly crafted tune with a real sense of soul.

Entitled ‘Insane,’ it is a perfect slow burning and deep house affair with the sort of brilliantly heart-tugging vocal that sends people wild. It’s subtle and supple, with big claps and a bobbling bassline all pulling you under its mystifying spell as deft pads add colour and warmth to the catchy grooves.

Once again here, Dennis Cruz shows off his knack for crafting the sort of tracks that get right under everyone’s skin: ‘Insane’ is all set to become a 2019 summer anthem.

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