Leftwing : Kody
Come Over EP

Ever more essential UK duo Leftwing : Kody are back with a third standout EP on Moon Harbour.

Chris Adie and Jon Kong also released on the legendary Relief Records and Truesoul in 2018 and continue to bring off-kilter ideas and stylish production to their bold tracks. As DJs, they have rocked clubs across the United States and Canada, Dubai and Europe and are always an energetic duo that can do many different shades of house and techno.

First out of the blocks is ‘Come Over’ featuring Medusa, a brilliantly brisk track with crisp hits and punchy drums. The emotive vocals are pained and sensuous and add that human aspect that makes crowd goes wild, especially when the drums and a squelchy bassline explode into life beneath.

Proving they are masters of heavy grooves, ‘Play That’ has monstrous drums bouncing away beneath a vocal stab that will get hands in the air. Woodpecker like chords and firing effects all add to the bristling energy of this most attention-grabbing tune.

Last of all, the excellent ‘Give It to Me’ has more bulky drums that bring weight to the track, while aural fireworks in the form of stabs, sirens and cut up vocals all dance about with a sense of mischief and playfulness. It’s a loose-limbed track that never sits still and boasts rugged, dynamic production.

These are three more sure-fire winners from this always on point duo.

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