Marbles EP

Moon Harbour sign up label debutant Kreature for a tasty two tracker that shows off his mature house sound.

Manchester’s Kreature is a producer revered by peers for the quality of his work and the accomplished nature of his studio skills. His tracks exude a sonic richness and high production values that make them stand out in the club. Engaging drums are the heart of every track and they come on the likes of VIVa and WOW Records. Moon Harbour chief Matthias Tanzmann has long been playing them so this is an essential new hook up.

Excellent opener ‘Marbles’ is an intriguing tune that’s designed to soundtrack the freakier moments in the night. Warped synths and filtered vocals speak of losing your mind, and trippy melodic details mean the slick house groove drips with colour. It’s a characterful, playful track that will immediately get the floor pumping.

Second cut ‘Floot’ is more summery but has just as much charm. A leading flute line darts about the mix, airy kicks loop down low and creamy hits help the groove to glide. The flute grows ever more wild and encourages you to really cut loose amongst the drum fills and bass kills.

Once again Kreature proves that his brand of house music is never less than utterly fresh and original.

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