Lefwing & Kody
Detune EP

Following on from the success of their Gully EP at the end of summer, Leftwing & Kody return to Moon Harbour with another firing collection of club cuts.

This esteemed UK pairing have become synonymous with big, characterful and attention-grabbing house and tech tracks on labels like Suara, Relief and Truesoul. They are party starting DJ favourites across Europe and Ibiza, and always get maximum muscle in their beats. Their second offering on Moon Harbour proves that point once again.

First up is the standout ‘Detuned,’ a raved-up number with busy claps and blasts of siren that will get hands in the air. Freaky bird-like sounds and roaming bass all suck you into this kinetic groove. Equally compelling is ‘Rock That’, with a snaking bassline that creeps about beneath rattling hits and toms. It’s a bright and metallic cut with catchy vocal riffs that amp up the energy levels as the drums keep popping and firework synths rain down from above.

‘Marvellous’ Feat. Room 303 is a playful number with zippy synths and rattling, reverberating toms that bring the funk. The drums are big, infectious loops that duck and dive and will take the whole club with them. Add in the sleazy, filtered vocals and you have a real anthem in the making. Last of all is ‘Ruff’, a freaky cut with dynamic sounds panning about the arrangement: vocal yelps, drum fills, whirring machines all bring the party to this full favour tech house weapon.

This is another arresting selection of tracks from the latest jewel in Moon Harbour’s crown.

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