Rock It EP

Detlef is having a huge 2019 that only gets bigger with the release of his next EP on Moon Harbour – another essential two-tracker.

This Greek star has been releasing with this label since 2013 and this year alone has also stepped out on Relief (with a big tune featuring Dajae) and Repopulate Mars. DJs and dancers alike cannot get enough of his high powered, characterful tech house and he’s had well over four million streams on Spotify. Because of this, he is very much the face of the contemporary scene.

The hard-hitting ‘Rock It’ opens the EP with poppy vocal stabs that will send people wild. They’re layered up over drilling bass, with razor-sharp hi-hats and rolling adding a slick sense of swing. ‘Bout Time’ is then another perfect driving track with whirring machines and big billowing bass sounds. It is a brilliantly muscular bit of house that will really pop off.

Once again here Detlef manages to combine dance floor drive with the sort of special tricks and effects that really make his tunes stand out.

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