The Woozle EP

It’s another big debutant for the next Moon Harbour EP, with longtime UK favourite Denney serving up two instantly effective new tracks.

For a decade now, this artist has been serving up slick Tech House that has proved essential material for both DJs and dancers. It’s come on the most relevant labels of the day from Crosstown Rebels to Relief, Knee Deep in Sound to Hot Creations. After a busy 2018 that saw two new offerings as well as gigs all over Europe, he’s been back in the studio to cook up more of his club dynamite.

The brilliantly atmospheric ‘Woozle’ kicks things off with monstrous kick drums and razor-sharp hi-hats spinning up top. The percussion is more wooden and organic, and the kinetic groove is underpinned with rumbling bass while a dark, whispered male vocal really gets deep inside your psyche. It’s a freaky tune for late night parties.

The second superb cut is the acid-laced ‘Messin My Head’, which is more loose and upbeat, with crisp boom-bap drums and gurgling synth riffs that bring the funk. An old school, rolling baseline is inescapably party, while timeless diva vocals and wobbling stabs bring the whole thing to life and will inject real energy into the dance floor.

These are two well-executed tracks that brim with character and are destined for big things.

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